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Invitation to Granic Technical Seminar 2019

Dear business partners, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

We cordially invite you to the first Granic® Technical Seminar in Slovakia!

Location: Hotel TENIS, Zvolen

Date: 17.4.2019, starting at 10.00, registration of participants from 9.30

The aim of the seminar is to present the wide possibilities of using Granic® brandmineral masterbatches, especially in the production of foils. We will introduce you to specific solutions, recipes, we will state the differences between individual Granic® products and their impact on the final product. Presentations will include practical examples and laboratory results of measurements of various physical and mechanical properties of films (tear resistance, barrier properties, effect on weld strength,…) Mineral masterbatches (but also paints or other additives) often have a significantly higher density than the basic raw material. , therefore in our practice we pay considerable attention to the appropriate method of dosing. It is the height and accuracy of dosing that are the basic prerequisites for achieving the desired results (whether the reason for use is economic savings, influencing mechanical or optical properties). Part of the presentation will therefore be about very accurate gravimetric dispensers Movacolor. If you are interested in testing, a functional one-component MC Balance dispenser will be physically exposed. Last but not least, we will present the latest trends in the field of efficient and ecological ways of cooling process water and air through cooling technology from Eurochiller.

The seminars are dedicated to production technologists, R&D workers, buyers, as well as managers and company owners.

More details:

– Attendance at the seminar is free

– log in via the online form:

– all lectures will take place in Slovak,

– we provide coffee breaks and lunch to all participants,

– during coffee breaks and lunch breaks, samples of marked foils will be prepared, which you can view and consult with VALPLAST technical experts regarding your specific request,

– the number of places is limited,

Deadline for submission of applications: 15. March 2019,

– one application is valid for 1 person, in case of a larger number of participants, please fill in a separate application for each participant,

– in case of your interest in securing accommodation from 16. na Please contact us on April 17th.

We have very positive experiences with the same concept of seminars from Poland and the Czech Republic, where we have already organized similar technical seminars and have been very successful. Clients especially appreciated the content of presentations and the form in which specific information was provided. They immediately used the new knowledge in their productions.

Note: The seminar is intended primarily for film manufacturers, but in case of interest we can also focus on other plastic applications such as. extrusion coating, extrusion, injection molding, blow molding of hollow containers, etc.

We are looking forward to you!