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About us

We do not like qualifying of us as a simple raw materials distributor. We are professional partners in supply of plastic raw materials and additives, providing superior technical support during introducing of new materials into your production. Our „sister“ company 1.PLASTCOMPANY is focused on delivery, commissioning and service of various machines and technologies for plastics processing and recycling. With our portfolio and territory extension, we become a unique partner for plastics.

Thanks to our 30 years of experiences, we offer solutions for almost every challenge in the plastic industry. We are not a corporation. We are family business, where we connected humanity and qualification, and put them on the first place. We are experts in machinery as well as in raw materials. Experiences in plastics, their processing and recycling are shared in our company since 1962 from generation to generation. 1962. Our partners may always rely on us. We can adjust deliveries of material according to your demands, in full truck or pallet amounts, they can be realized through our warehouses in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland or directly from well-known producers. Our advantages are quick delivery, flexibility and attractive price, thanks to large-volume purchase. We are active on the markets of Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and in the DACH region. We are always ready to serve you!

Our solutions enable you to aim new markets with highest quality requirements and decrease material and energy costs at the same time. Do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you to achieve your goals.




počiatok „plastárskej rodinnej trádicie“

Ing. Michal Valíček I. - grandfather - mechanical engineer, founding member of the present Plastika Nitra a.s., at that time Chemical Plants of Wilhelm Pieck, n.p., Nováky, subsidiary firm Nitra = origin of the family’s plastic tradition

Plastika Nitra, n.p.

Ing. Michal Valíček II. - father - chemical engineer, first job with his father at Plastika Nitra, n.p.

Plastochem Bratislava, spol. s r.o.

establishment of Plastochem Bratislava, spol. Ltd. as the exclusive representation of HENKEL in the Czechoslovak market

Plastochem, spol.s r.o. & Plastochem Brno, spol. s r.o.

Establishment of Plastochem Bratislava, spol. Ltd., and Plastochem Brno, spol. Ltd. as a distributor of plastics, plastic additives, raw chemical materials, as well as technologies and machines for processing and recycling plastics together with own logistics, forwarding and transportation services

Dionýz Nagy

beginning of long-term cooperation and friendship with Dionýz Nagy as Head of Machine Sales Division and later co-owner of 1.PLASTCOMPANY and VALPLAST

Peter Betáš

the beginning of long-term cooperation and friendship with Petr Betáš as a strategic salesperson of injection molding machines, recycling facilities, polyurethane mixing machines and later co-owner of companies 1.PLASTCOMPANY and VALPLAST


holding Plastochem achieves an annual turnover of CZK 1,000,000,000 at ... sold tons on CZSK, HU, PL, RO, BG, LT, EE, LV, UA markets


Selling all the shares of the entire holding Plastochem to the Swiss company Tunica, a
member of the OMYA group

Ing. Michal Valíček III.

Ing. Michal Valíček III. - son - chemical engineer, first job with his father in Plastochem Bratislava, member of OMYA Group

VALPLAST CZ, spol. s r.o. & 1.PLASTCOMPANY, spol. s r.o.

foundation of business companies VALPLAST CZ, spol. s r.o., 1.PLASTCOMPANY, spol. Ltd. in Brno with warehouse management in Veverské Knínice

Establishment of the branch office VALPLAST SK, spol. s r.o.

establishment of the branch office VALPLAST SK, Ltd. in Bratislava with extensive warehouse management in Čab, near Nitra

Establishment of the branch office 1.PLASTCOMPANY POLSKA, spol. s r.o. 

establishment of the branch office 1.PLASTCOMPANY POLSKA, Ltd. along with a warehouse in Poznan

40 collegues

expanding the business team to 40 colleagues in the CZ, SK, HU, PL, RO markets. The planned

turnover of the group is EUR 45,000,000

Extra Label
10th anniversary

10th anniversary of the company and a turnover of EUR 53 million and 45 employees in the markets CZ, SK, HU, PL, DE, AT, RO.